Melograna is a platform for wine, natural wine, craft beers and more good provisions. We ship directly to your door and we partner with small producers!

Private Tastings

Melograna is Magic.

Melograna is the marketplace for magic beverages, like wine, beers, nootropics, CBD water and much more.. 


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A unique selection of sustainable producers.

We support small-batch producers, makers and farmers who believe in sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Melograna allow them to connect with customers, by providing immediate delivery in selected cities thanks to UberEats Postmates, MilkyWayExpress and Doordash as well as other fast-shipping options nationwide. Thanks to Melograna infrastructure, small-batch producers can now access to a wider audience used to order online and get it delivered right away. On top of small-producers, Melograna carries specialty and popular products at wholesale price with no minimum quantities.


Why Melograna is better than the shop or market?

At Melograna, we store our selection in climate controlled environments. Specifically natural, organic and biodynamic wines as well as craft beers, have active yeasts, which require a proper cold storage with very low humidity to be able to preserve the products in its all freshness. Many times, in smaller shops, there isn't that capability to store "special products", while bigger retails do not have that unicity of niche products that we have at Melograna.

On top of that, Melograna means direct to consumer from the producers themselves, we select only small-batch producers who are passionate about their products, and are maintaining a sustainable farming practice. We believe in the craftsmanship and the natural know-how applied to winemaking, brewing and producing true unique products that not only taste better but have very limited amount of added chemicals or preservatives.


We buy in Bulk, so you don't have to!

The best way to get better prices is purchasing big quantities and have good relationships with suppliers. As Melograna we fight for the best prices so you can take advantage of our selection and experience great products at a better price than conventional retailers.


Melo Zero Carbon



At Melograna we offset the entire carbon footprint of our operations, every shipment is accounted in terms of shipping emissions, distances and electricity to maintain our infrastructure running. Melograna shipping cardboard boxes are mainly sourced from our winemakers directly, so we give them a second life and a new purpose to protect products to our customers home. 


Help the Planet Earth


Melograna supports the planet hearth


Melograna is rooted into the land, the soil and regenerative farming practices. We were born in Romagna - Italy, where the Adriatic Sea and the agricultural land meet, giving birth to amazing wines and an incredible biodiversity. We love the sea as an integral part of humanity supporting ecosystem! We also love surfing as much as we can! For these reasons Melograna contributes to Sea Shepherd for protecting the Ocean and Seas Worldwide.


Frequently asked questions

Yes. If you select pick-up at check out you can pick up your order at the Melograna warehouse. > Visit Map

Yes. We can ship our products in other States. Shipping availability and shipping fees will be calculated at checkout.

No. Melograna sells many products, among them, natural wines, organic wines, biodynamic wines and regular wines.

Melograna warehousing hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm.